Maria Kammerer

Maria Kammerer based in Cincinnati, Ohio specializing in:

  • Reiki treatments
  • Reiki Courses Private Mentoring/ Coaching
  • Reiki guest speaker
  • Private and Group Meditation Classes
  • Reiki Community Event coordination
  • Reiki Audio /Video offerings

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 513-378-7970

iTunes podcast: Be the light with Maria Kammerer:

“People are powerful agents of change for themselves and their communities. Through the system of Reiki we are able to let go of limitations so that we can unfold to our fullest potential.” -Maria Kammerer

Maria is a full time Reiki practitioner and teacher based in Cincinnati. Practicing since 2005, she has received many Shinpiden trainings and continues to develop her understanding of Reiki with retreats and classes. She is a Registered Practitioner/Teacher with Shibumi the International Reiki Association and the founder of Attune:The Art of Reiki, LLC. Attune is a small company that overflows with gratitude for the opportunity to focus on helping people to relieve stress, anxiety, anger and pain; making room in life for relaxation, self-discovery, and compassion.

As a second generation healer, she is dedicated to helping others be whole. She is also a passionate community builder, she sits on several boards and organizes Cincinnati Reiki Day- a day of education and sharing, as well as many other community focused events. She continues to study and expand her knowledge and her additional training/experience includes, True Freedom: 200 hr. Yoga teacher training, Mindfulness Training from Plum Village, Healer Within: Medical Qigong.

Inner peace, clarity and presence are developed from within, bringing healing to each individual. This state of being ripples out to our work, families and communities. Creating a more vibrant world with empowered people who are engaged, resilient and open in each moment. I hope to meet you and share the joy and happiness of my work