Janet Dobbs

Janet is based in Reston, VA (outside of Washington, DC)

Specializing in
  • Reiki Courses (with both humans and animals)
  • Reiki Treatments (for both humans and/or animals)
  • Traditional Japanese Reiki Meditations
  • Animal Communication Courses & Training Program
  • Private Mentoring/Coaching
Website: Animal Paradise-Communication and Healing
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Animal-Paradise-Communication-Healing
Blog: http://animalparadisecommunication.blogspot.com
Email: [email protected]

Janet has been practicing and learning about Reiki since the mid-1990's and teaching Reiki for humans and animals since 2003.

While continuing her own self practice and trying to learn more about the system of Reiki and its history.... she always felt there was more to Reiki than what she had been taught which brought her to NYC and her first Shinpiden Course with Frans. The experience and teachings totally changed the way she practiced and taught Reiki and it also completely changed her life. She left NYC profoundly transformed and realized that she could not longer teach (or practice Reiki) in the way she did before attending the course. She left her 30+ year career in Broadcast TV to go full time with her work with animals and the humans that love them. Janet and her friend, Deborah Harrigan, hosted Frans the following year in the Washington, DC area. Janet wanted to not only continue to study with Frans herself but to bring him to the DC area so that others could experience what she had for themselves.

As Janet continues to study with Frans and IHR, her teaching continues to grow and change as well. She not only teaches the system of Reiki in her Reiki Training Program for humans and animals, but she is bringing the traditional Japanese Reiki teachings into her Animal Communication Training Program as well. Janet is happy to be able to offer her Reiki students access to the IHR Ki Campus. The Ki Campus is a perfect tool that will support her students while she takes her students deeper with their Reiki practice with animals.  She is currently developing new curriculum for the Animal Reiki Training Program and the Animal Communication Training Program.

Animal Paradise - Communication & Healing started out in the mid-late 1990's and offered only Animal Communication sessions. While attending an advanced animal communication counselor-training course Janet saw some attendees playing with energy and asked what they were doing. They replied, "Reiki"! (Actually they were just playing with energy balls but they were so happy.) Janet could not "feel" what they were asking her to feel but the seed was planted in her heart and soul. She wanted to learn what they were smiling about and soon took her first Reiki I course.

As Janet began to offer healing treatments to humans and do her self healing practice, she noticed that animals would not only gather close to her but also some would actually get up on a treatment table with her or her client. She soon learned from the animals how to work with Reiki and an animal and how not to. The animals are very clear! The wild animals became great teachers for Janet, in the gentle art of working with Reiki, as they can be as sensitive as a butterfly.

Janet soon realized that Reiki was a natural healing modality to use when working with animals and began to bring it into her animal communication practice, especially when working with shelter and rescue animals. When Janet began teaching Reiki it was only natural that she also included how to work with animals and now she specializes in courses and treatments for humans and their animal friends.

Founding Member of Shelter Animal Reiki Association<