Candice Gonzales-Cullen

Reiki Teacher based in Denver, Colorado. Specializing in:
  • Reiki Courses
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Japanese Meditation Classes
  • Reiki Shares for students
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 720-201-9650 Facebook:

Candice is a Reiki practitioner and teacher based in the Denver metro area of Colorado.   Candice has been practicing the system of Reiki since 2004. She began Shinpiden practice in March 2008 with the International House of Reiki and continues her practice and teachings under the guidance of Frans and Bronwen Stiene. She began formally teaching in 2010. Keeping classes small with plenty of opportunity to experience the techniques and practices is the way she prefers to teach each class.

Having a child with special needs, she has a passion for working with families, adults and children of all abilities.  Candice founded Colorado Reiki, LLC in 2007 wanting to share all she has experienced from her practice with the system of Reiki with others. As time goes on her passion and love for the system grows. She has a deep commitment to self growth and the growth of the system as a spiritual practice. She continues to study Japanese Ways to understand her practice better.

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