Fabrizio Ramano

Based in London, UK, Fabrizio is the founding Director of the International School of Usui Reiki (https://isureiki.com), where he teaches all Reiki levels, workshops, and retreats, amongst other things.

Fabrizio Romano was born in Italy in 1975.

After researching various methods from different traditions, in 2005 he started practicing Buddhism. He then learned Reiki, which is now part of his personal practice.

He is a certified Reiki Master in both lineages: Western and Japanese.

He trained in the Japanese tradition with his teacher, Frans Stiene, and completed the Personal and Professional training programs at the International House of Reiki.
Both of them focus on spiritual development, the Japanese lineage, and teacher training.
His passion for Reiki has led him to Japan in late 2019, where he establish a connection with the roots of the system of Reiki.
Fabrizio believes teaching has to come from the Heart, and by this he means that a teacher should practice intensively, so that they will be able to guide their students according to their level and needs.
He therefore never stops training, under the guidance of both his root Buddhist teacher, Lama Luigi, and his Reiki teacher, Frans Stiene.
He brings to his classes the experience of several years of training, as well as that of working with hundreds of students and clients from all around the world.