Anya van Til

Anya van Til is a Reiki practitioner and Teacher since 2004. First based in Moscow, Russia, later on in the Netherlands, where she is currently active as Reiki Waters..

Reiki and Japanese meditation in the Netherlands

    • In groups and in person
    • Reiki courses
    • Reiki treatments
    • Reiki practice evenings
    • Mediation sessions

    Anya offers Reiki courses and Japanese meditation classes to groups and in person.

    As an MA graduate from a Linguistics University she has learned and developed general teaching skills professionally and is able to offer her classes in a variety of languages: English, Dutch and Russian.

    Her personal journey with Reiki has made her treatments an attractively easy and enjoyable way to get acquainted with the state of Reiki and to initiate a personal healing process.

    Anya has been studying with the International House of Reiki since 2007. The study involves regular resitting of the Shinpiden courses and retreats offered by IHR internationally, participating in their webinars and virtual practice evenings. In addition to that there is an ongoing individual online and in person study with Frans Stiene.

    Besides, Anya van Til practices the art of Aikido which has a lot in common with the system of Reiki and often offers a different perspective and insights into the process of personal development.

    Reiki Waters is based in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. A green peaceful and beautiful little place called Winterswijk. There are a lot of cute B&B’s in the neighbourhood that make it possible to take a break from your busy life and enjoy the teachings of the wonderful system of Reiki in the middle of enchanting surroundings.

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