Vicki Houston

Reiki Teacher based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in NSW. 

Specialising in

  • Japanese Reiki Meditations
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Reiki Courses
Website: Energy in Focus
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 02 9973 1720

Vicki Huston is a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Leaving the corporate world in early 2000 the System of Reiki provided tools integral in supporting Vicki’s transition into a different lifestyle and helped her be proactive in the challenges that were presented by dramatic change.

Vicki has been teaching and practicing as a practitioner since 2005. Reiki became a way of living. Waking a passion for teaching and helping people to explore helping themselves utilising the tools within the System of Reik.

Energy in Focus was born as a studio to share the benefits Reiki has to offer through example, education and support.  The studio provides a professional and caring environment to do this.

The Japanese Reiki Meditation Classes were developed as ongoing support for students and also for people who were not so drawn to Reiki Courses or “Hands on Healing” and just wanted to focus on meditation practices. The classes are based on meditations practiced within the System of Reiki and on Japanese practices explored and practiced during the IHOR retreats and via discussion with Frans. They provide a regular ongoing support for clients.

Reiki Courses are run utilising guidelines from the IHOR and Vicki’s journey within the System. Teaching a traditional style of Reiki  focussing on personal development and inner peace, using the five elements of the system of Reiki.

Reiki Treatments are professional and caring, supporting the client in their own healing.

The studio is nestled in a serene and peaceful location within a forest of beautiful spotted blue gums in Trappers Way, Clareville overlooking Pittwater.

Vicki maintains an ongoing relationship with the IHReiki through Retreats, Teleclasses and discussions with Frans and Bronwen that provide an ongoing development within Vicki’s teaching and practitioner skills.

Professional Membership: Registered Practitioner & Teacher, Shibumi International Reiki Association