Bronwen Logan (Stiene)

Based in Australia, Bronwen Stiene is the co-author of The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki and Your Reiki Treatment and the writer and voice behind meditation CDs published by Sounds True.

She teaches all levels of the system of Reiki as well as giving specialist classes including animal Reiki and women's retreats globally.

Senior Teacher Specialising in

  • Teaching Reiki I, II and III (Reiki Master Level)
  • Speaking about Reiki and Creativity
  • Writing on Reiki
  • Distance Animal Reiki Treatments
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Women's Retreats
  • Creating Educative Materials for Students

Bronwen Logan (Stiene) is a Reiki author, senior Reiki teacher and co-founder of the International House of Reiki and Shibumi International Reiki Association. Based near Sydney, Australia near the Blue Mountains, Bronwen teaches internationally. Due to her research into the Japanese aspects of the system of Reiki since the early 2000s - along with her writings and teachings - Bronwen has been a major influence on how the system is taught and practiced, globally, today. Her down-to-earth manner and natural curiosity ensure that her teachings are also experientially based.

Bronwen believes in supporting students of the International House of Reiki in "real" ways and is a driving force behind the student support systems and educative materials provided by the centre. To this end, Bronwen’s also holds a Certificate IV in Small Business, Teacher Training and Assessment as well as having worked as a TEFLA teacher in her pre-Reiki life.

Bronwen is an animal lover and activist. Much of her day goes into supporting animals; this includes her animal friends at Tomah Retreat in the Blue Mountains, and many others through distance animal treatments. Below is a comment from Emma, who, along with her 2 dogs, received Animal Distant Healing from Bronwen.

Bronwen has co-authored with Frans Stiene, the critically acclaimed books The Reiki Sourcebook, The Japanese Art of Reiki, A-Z of Reiki Pocketbook, Reiki Techniques Card Deck and Your Reiki Treatment. As well recording their audiobooks. Bronwen has also recorded the double CD Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing and Reiki Relaxation with Sounds True in Boulder, Colorado.

Bronwen is a member of Shibumi International Reiki Association.

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Here is a taste of some of Bronwen's personal blogs from IHReiki
It was as if the veil of any illusion of differences between species was pulled back and we were just all there together.

We all sat there for some time after the session "formally" ended. None of us wanting to leave the space. I've never received distant Reiki with them, that is with me actually included in the treatment. It was a profound experience and I know we are all even closer because of it. It feels as if we understand each other better. And it feels as if the energies we share received healing.

All of the animals are very peaceful tonight. It was as if the Reiki energy just swirled around the property and house in the most magical way.
Thank you very much. I felt immediately relaxed and my back pain is gone. I didn’t realize how much it bothered me until I got up this morning and didn’t feel it. I am very grateful.
AMAZING Bronwen thank you. That was a two for one deal. She only stirred twice. Once when you were around her head I think. Thank you so much. She snored mostly through it. Looking forward to seeing how she's feeling. My entire body is vibrating my hands and arms tingling so strong. Some emotions were brought to the surface for me. Thank you thank you.