Philosophy & Values

Here are five things that we find REALLY important at the International House of Reiki.

Retain High Standards... Always

IHReiki is known for its fabulous standards... standards of teaching knowledge, standards of student resources, standards of presentation, standards of energetic experience.

Continue Researching

Although the system of Reiki is just 100 years old there have been times when the system has lost its way and headed in numerous odd directions over the last 30 years. IHReiki believes in going back to the roots of the system and working with the same intent that the system began with.

You would think that once you've studied a technique that that would be it. However as a spiritual practice we have found there is enormous depth within the simplicity of this system. There is no need to add lots of weird and wonderful practices, instead we go deeper. We take a practice and we find out about its Japanese origins, its cultural identity and philosophy and then we take the perspective that each teaching is just the beginning of a journey rather than the end.

Not only do we look deep into the system but we find support through looking into old Japanese books, by researching relevent Japanese teachers who might have been peers of the founder of the system or students of the founder, and finding out about paralell spiritual and energetic systems from the early 1900s.

Continue Self-development

To be able to teach a spiritual practice one must be already on this path and have passed signposts that one's student is yet to reach in order to be a great guide and teacher. You cannot guide someone into the dark.

It is imperative that all IHReiki teachers spend time each day developing their spiritual, energetic and intellectual knowledge to be the best guide that any Reiki student could look for.

Be there for our Students

Support is the esesence of any successful practice for a student. We do not just take your money, teach something, and then dump you.

We do the opposite in fact. From the very first moment you contact us we aim to educate and support you in making choices that are right for you and then following those choices up.

Our teachers are not gurus they are facilitators or guides and they make themselves available for their students. The best way to do this is through the KI Campus, the student support and e-learning site.

If you don't understand why we do something, just ask! We can do this because the system of Reiki that we teach is grounded and without the bells and whistles that may use to turn it into a magical circus act - it doesn't need us to do that to it. You will discover, with the support of your teacher, the beauty of the system through its simplicity and through your ongoing practice.

Always Give More than is Expected of You

Every course we teach we hear these words "That was so much more than I could ever have expected".

And that is our aim.


Considering the political and social challenges of our times, and our commitment to the wellbeing and freedom of all, we wish to reaffirm our support to those who come to our group to exchange and practice the system of Reiki, regardless of race, color, gender, ability, religion, culture or status. We denounce racism, misogyny, xenophobia, trans- and homophobia, and all forms of oppression. We value and celebrate diversity, inclusivity, respect for all beings, and mutual care. When one being suffers, we all suffer. Thus, our own well-being and liberation are bound to the well-being and liberation of others. We practice not just for ourselves but for the welfare, happiness, and safety of all life everywhere. May all beings be well and free, and may our thoughts, words and actions contribute wholeheartedly to the wellbeing of the world.

(Inspired by the statement of values from Spirit Rock Meditation Center and taken as our own)