Blue Mountains

Charleys Rd, Mt Tomah

A glorious location!

The only noises to be heard at the Tomah Retreat Centre are those of the birds (especially the parrots and kookaburras!). The aim has been to create an atmosphere of 'getting away from it all' while having to travel less than 2 hours from the Sydney city centre. It's a little like visiting the best parts of Europe with lots of lush green, mist, cool summers and if you're lucky a day or two of snow in the winter.

So, come inside and sit next to the cosy fireplace and watch the king parrots, kookaburras and rosellas dip into the pond. Beyond that are the views out over the Grose Valley and Bilpin as well as natural temperate rainforest to wander through or to sit in, in silence.

There are many animals at the Tomah Retreat including dogs, chickens, ducks, miniature horses, rabbits, and a beautiful pig called Flora.

This retreat is for use by those coming for specific student Reiki Retreats or Reiki Levels I, II or III.

The teachers at this venue are Frans and Bronwen Stiene.

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Reiki Treatments are available at the Mt Tomah venue with either Frans or Bronwen Stiene.

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At the retreat itself there is a large labyrinth lined with dwarf hedging plants. The concept of a labyrinth is not that you can't see where you are going. It consists of one-track which you follow into the centre and then back out again. Sounds simple doesn't it? It is in fact a symbolic walk of life that was in use thousands of years ago and you will find that energetically it will begin to tell you about yourself and move things within you if you give over to it. So, give over to it. For an article about the making of the Labyrinth please click here.



The cost of your course is inclusive accommodation and this is available in the large studio where there is a fully functional kitchen, shower, compost toilet, warm beds and a roaring jetmaster fireplace. So if you'd like to do a Reiki course away from the hustle and bustle this is the place to come.

If you are coming from a long distance it is possible to book into the Retreat for the night prior to, and after, your course for a minimal fee. This extra night booking includes the vegetarian evening meal and breakfast.


The cost of your course is also inclusive all meals. All meals are vegetarian, however if you have special dietary needs then please contact us prior to your course. Meals are simple, hearty and delicious. If you wish to bring extra snacks or special dietary needs there is a fridge available as well as a hot plate and grill. There is no microwave. Please do not bring meat to the venue.

Breakfast is a choice of a variety of muesli, wheatbix, toast with jams or cheese.

Lunch and dinners are generally hearty soups, miso soup, Mexican bean dishes, vegetarian lasagna, or fried rice - depending on the weather and the mood of the cook :-).

What to Bring

  • Always bring warm clothes (and pyjamas) as the weather can change in the mountains and become quite cool!
  • Bring some mosquito repellent too, just in case.
  • A torch might come in handy if you wander out in the evening.
  • There are no shops nearby so any snack foods or special dietary needs such as special milks/sugars etc... need to be brought with you.

About Mt Tomah

This 5 acre retreat is on the very top of Mt Tomah (1000 metres above sea level), at the edge of the Grose valley and the Blue Mountains National Parks. There is even a medium level in difficulty 2 hour bush walk next to the retreat. The Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens are also on Mt Tomah and are a great landmark and place to visit or have a cup of tea.


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12-16 Charleys Rd

Mt Tomah NSW

2758 Australia

These are available on booking into the retreat centre. Trains do not come to Mt Tomah but you can take a train to either Richmond or Mt Victoria where you will be picked up. We also arrange car pooling for courses and retreats. Driving from the centre of Sydney can take between 11/2 to 2 hours depending on the traffic.

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